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Your basic NippleBling
"What is it" page

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The first thought a lot of women have about Nipple Jewelry is... "OUCH!  NOT ME!!" 
The reality of wearing Tazzie's Nipple Jewelry for Un-Pierced nipples is quite the opposite, in fact.  Picture your lover gently nibbling on your nipples.  Does that hurt?  If it does, then maybe nipple jewelry really is not for you.  On the other hand, if that sounds stimulating, then Tazzie's Nipple Jewelry IS for you! 

Your nipples DO NOT have to be pierced to enjoy the Erotic Feel of wearing Nipple Jewelry!!
Tazzie's Nipple Chains, Nipplaces and Dangles are available in styles for the Un-pierced as well as pierced, 
as well as for those who are not quite so brave but desire the look of being pierced.


For those with pierced nipples we offer attractive claw findings that attach directly to your own existing nipple jewelry. My design was inspired so that you would not have to remove a nipple ring to get a new "bling bling" look. This is a special clasp that opens wide enough to lock onto any size ring up to 10ga. (14 ga. is the industry standard.)

Or you may still choose the Loopy style for un-pierced nipples, especially if you have barbells. (You'll also find both Rings and Barbells on our site.) Nipple rings are not included with your purchase of nipple jewelry for pierced nipples.

Nipple Jewelry

Nipple Shields

Want the look without the piercing?  Try these!  Delightful PiercedLookTM Nipple Rings for un-pierced nipples!  The end-balls on these sterling silver rings press on at the base of your nipple and give you the look of a pierced nipple.  The tension of the ring holds them in place. They are completely safe and do not actually break the skin.

Another idea is to encircle the entire nipple with the ring and squeeze it snug around the base of the nipple. This takes a little effort to get the hang of it. Please note: sterling silver can break. As you mold the ring around your nipple do it slowly and mold the metal around your nipple.

A really fun way to get a new look.

Snug it up and it stays in place. And really, it feels as sexy as it looks, and doesn't hurt at all!

The Loopy.  This really IS fun! (Helper optional)

AnTazzie's non-piercing jewelry for un-pierced nipples also features very comfortably fitting loops that snug onto your nipple. These loops fit and feel so exciting that they are actually quite titillating and sensual to wear.

Putting on your NON Piercing nipple jewelry: Our "LOOPY"

The secret to putting them on is to make your nipple erect (this part might even be fun, especially if you have help!) and slip the loop over your nipple to the base then simply move the bead up in a TWIST motion to snug up the bead to your comfort level. You control the tension.

 It really and truly does not hurt at all, and if fact feels quite sexy to wear!


The Nipplace!
Combine a Nipple Chain and a Necklace and you have one of Tazzie's special designs... the Nipplace!
The Nipplace begins with a 16" to 20" necklace with an attached nipple chain draping from the bottom of the necklace to each nipple.  The added length of chain to the nipples gives a nice drape to each Nipplace, which may or may not have "dangles" on each nipple or between the breasts.  If you would like a shorter or longer length, just let us know at the time of checkout in the "special instructions" box. 

Information about the types of materials we use:

Gold is one of the heaviest known metals and is cherished not only for its beauty, but because it is easy to work with and it's resistant to tarnishing. When we talk about "karats" 24k means that the gold is 100% pure; 18k contains 75% gold and 14k contains 58% gold. Gold that is less than 24k is blended with base metals.

"Gold filled" jewelry is made by bonding 10k or 14k gold or higher to a base metal, and is required to be at least 1/20th of the total weight of the piece. The gold is heated and pressed over base metals such as brass, bronze or nickel, and results in a metal that is stronger and more durable than pure gold and then sealed with an anti-tarnish coating.

"Gold vermeil" is at least 14k gold applied over an interior of sterling silver and retains its beauty and wearability for a long time.

"Gold plate" or "gold tone" refers to jewelry or findings in which a very thin layer of at least 10k gold is applied to the surface of a base metal. There is much less gold on a gold plated item, and is susceptible to wearing off with time and use.

In my jewelry at NippleBling, I use primarily Bali, Thai, and American sterling silver, and at least 14k gold fill, gold vermeille and silver filled for our Upper Crust items.

Whereas Bali and Thai silver are nearly pure silver, sterling silver is required to contain 92.5% ore. It is usually mixed with 7.5% copper, which makes it stronger than pure silver. American-made sterling is of the highest quality. Sterling silver pieces generally are imprinted with "925".

"Silver bonded" or "silver filled" chain: is much like gold filled chain. Silver filled jewelry is made by bonding an average thickness of .8 microns of .925 sterling silver to an inner base of high quality, polished diamond cut jeweler's metal, then sealed with an anti-tarnish coating."

"Silver plate" or "silver tone" is a base metal coated with a thin layer of pure silver. It makes jewelry more affordable, but the silver tends to wear off over time and with wear.

All silver tarnishes naturally, but higher content silver tarnishes more slowly, and not as badly as sterling. To help prevent tarnishing, store your silver jewelry in air tight plastic baggies in a cool dry place. Some jewelry boxes are lined with anti-tarnish fabric. Do not wear silver swimming!

You can clean off tarnish using a regular cloth, or a special anti-tarnish cloth. Clean the silver carefully and avoid polishing the other beads on your jewelry, such as crystals with an AB finish, as the anti-tarnish cloth can remove that finish. Using a cloth should not damage or remove the dark oxidation in the recesses of the silver.

With my jewelry at NippleBling, I love to use the precious metals of  Bali, Thai, and American sterling silver, and at least 14k gold fill, gold vermeil and silver filled for our Upper Crust items. I do my best to explain what type of materials are used with my jewelry but if you have a question, please feel free to email us.

I only buy materials from reputable and trusted suppliers to ensure my designs are of the best quality.

I do use gold and silver tone materials to keep things affordable for the curious who may not have the budget for the Upper Crust items. I do use the best quality of materials available for silver plate and gold plate findings. When this type of material is used I do mention that in the descriptions. Gold and silver tone or "plated" will tarnish and wear off with time.

We do hope this information helps you with your decisions when buying jewelry.


Sizing your Nipple Chains

It's really simple.  Just take a measurement from Nipple to Nipple and let Taz do the rest!  She lengthens the chain enough to create a nice swag, as shown below.  Enter the measurement in the size box.


Nipple Chain

You'll WOW 'em on a night out...


Interesting fashion thought, no?


Keep 'em guessing!

Nipple Chain

OR at the beach!

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Please note:
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